Leo Workwear

LEO Workwear – Outfit Your Crew in Style and Comfort.

It’s official – we’ve got a new brand in our store! A great selection from LEO Workwear of hi-vis garments that are perfect for work. The best part? They’re the top quality and price around. 

Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable workwear uniform solution?

Leo Workwear is the perfect fit for you and your team! We understand how hard it is to find work apparel that meets the needs of your job without sacrificing comfort. We’re here to help, offering high-quality gear designed specifically for each profession. From flexible and breathable t-shirts to tough-yet-fashionable trousers, our LEO Workwear has what you need to keep your team safe while looking good on site. So check out our selection today and see why LEO Workwear is the top choice among builders, contractors, road crews, electricians– everyone in the industry who wants functional clothing with an eye towards style.

At Safepol Workwear, we understand that finding work apparel is not as simple as it might seem. That’s why we have added LEO Workwear to our offer. They focus on designing and manufacturing branded garments that meet the needs of your job while also taking comfort into consideration. They go above and beyond to customise clothes with more specific customer requests, so that you have an eye-catching style that meets industry standards but looks good too!

For the last 40 years, they have prided themselves in creating a comprehensive selection of high visibility garments, delivering superior quality in both products and services – which is why they’ve earned the top spot for builders, contractors, road crews, electricians and anyone else involved in the industry.

To sum up,

LEO Workwear is a great addition to our store and we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect hi-vis garment for your needs. So if you need some new workwear, make sure to order from us today. You won’t regret it! Browse the full selection here.

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