FAQs About Our Washable Face Masks

Our Washable Face Masks can be found here.

  1. How many layers is your face mask? Do I need to change the filter? Our masks are three-layered with filter in the middle and soft perforated lining. Our masks already have weberfil filter which you can wash and there is no need to change it.
  2. How do I wash my mask? You can wash our masks in a washing machine at 60 degrees. You can also iron them from the outside.
  3. Do they really fit everyone? Yes, they are one size fits all for adults. However some of our customers purchase them for their teenage children and they fit them too. You may just have to adjust the ear loops a little bit.
  4. How long do they last? Our masks can be washed and used daily. We advise that you change them every two months.
  5. Where are they made? Our masks are made in our sewing room in Berkshire.
  6. Where is your company based? We are a family run business based in London, UK.
  7. Do you have children sizes? Yes, we do have toddler masks, which are also 3 layered. You can find them here.
  8. Some of the colours are sold out. When are they back in stock? Some of the colours sell out very quickly but we get weekly deliveries from our sewing room so our website is updated every week. We also very often add new colours so please check our website regularly.
  9. Do you take bulk orders? Yes, we do. Bulk orders start from 100 masks and more. We can supply our Washable Masks in any quantity and colour (subject to fabric availability). Also with your company’s logo. Please send your enquiries to info@safepol.co.uk
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